Software Development

Custom Applications

We provide custom application solutions from large to small scale industries. We also help our clients to migrate from legacy systems to new technologies and platforms.

.Net Platform

The Microsoft .NET platform has a significant impact on the way applications are developed for the Internet and Desktop applications. Employing open standards and Web service protocols, .NET greatly improves the interoperability of systems and helps companies more easily to utilize applications and data from customers, suppliers and partners. With Microsoft .NET framework, you can integrate with diverse systems in no time and less efforts. For a business firm, this transforms into advantage when they have to integrate or migrate to a different system. For developers, the .NET framework can become a single source for all their programming needs. And for the end user, it is very user friendly.

Java Platform

Enterprise Applications in the Java Application Development platform or J2EE platform are precisely tailored to the customer's need, streamlined with the rest of the Enterprise Business Processes and thus provide the organization with a Sustained Strategic Competitive Advantage.


Web Hub India provides application maintenance and support services, including request based software services, enhancement services for third party products, and post release support.